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Summer Training Tips

27 Jun

With a fist bump from a cow and a warm Chocolate Chunk Cookie, I celebrated the finish of the Chick-fil-A Connect Race series in Asheville, NC. I didn’t get to race, but certainly covered some ground as I ran around helping out hard working volunteers and police staff. The last time I was running in the in the Blue Ridge was while doing a summer’s worth of training on the Parkway before my sophomore xc season in college. So, the familiar scenery and a race series tweet from someone looking for training tips got me thinking about ways to get ready for September 22 (the next race in the Chick-fil-A Connect Race Series).

If your planning on coming to our Gwinnett race on Sept 29th, then you have about 12 weeks to rest and prepare. With a timeframe like that, a little motivation, and proper training, you can make big strides towards lowering your best time and improving chances of winning Chick-fil-A for a year.

The following are 3 quick tips:

1. Listen to your body

No matter how great the scenery is and no matter how much motivation you have, remember to listen to your body. Your legs might get a little upset if you give them unreasonably demanding tasks day after day. Carefully increase your mileage though, and you will see nice improvements.

2. Speed is different than Endurance

While a healthy body and more miles can help endurance, speed takes another kind of training. Dedicate one or two runs a week to developing turnover. Perhaps you can finish a run and do about five 100 meter strides (about the length between two telephone poles). Start off easy, increase to top speed by about halfway, and finish easy. Another great way to get some leg speed is by incorporating some faster segments into the middle of your run. Run your normal pace and mix in several one or two minute sections at a quicker tempo before slowing back down to your normal speed.

 3. Have fun

In addition to training hard and smart, remember to have fun. Recruit some training friends, run in pretty places, and by all means, make sure that you get a cookie from Chick-fil-A every now and then.

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