Monday Motivation

17 Dec

Check out this retro race video:

Runners World wrote a sad, compelling, and well written article on the woman who ran it here —> Debbie Heald

Here is a quick summary of that article: A cold war track meet between US and USSR. 4 women in the 1 mile (160 meter wooden board track in Richmond Coliseum – where we had a cfars race) 16 yr old girl up against Olympic champion, world record holder, and best American ever at that point. The girl’s dad committed suicide day before her 8th birthday, stepfather was a drunk who beat her, she was molested for multiple years, and had a 4th grade teacher who changed her life and continues to take an interest in the now schizophrenic and troubled woman who still loves to exercise. She won the race with a new world record and set what is now the longest standing high school record.


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